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In order to track the usage and performance of centrally maintained unix hosts and other resources, SCCS collects data from hosts maintained by SCCS. Month-to-date reports and charts for LSF batch usage, HPSS tape, AFS and NFS disk usage are produced daily. At the end of each month, monthly and longterm reports, charts, and graphs are also produced.

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[For the "grungy" details, try the full accounting reports directory]

Sun and Linux Server Resource Utilization

Reports and charts showing cpu, i/o, and memory usage by group, user, and command, for each cluster and for individual hosts within clusters

lsf Batch Utilization

Plain text and graphic month-to-date, monthly reports showing lsf batch cpu time and turnaround time by queue and by user, queue. Long term graph and flat data file showing cpu and wall clock time by queue groups and Babar/non-BaBar since January, 2001, used for Tier A reporting.

Tape and HPSS Utilization

Plain text month-to-date and monthly reports showing tape utilization by device, day, time of day, and user. HPSS reports include daily, monthly, and trends.

Long Term Trends

Graphs in pdf format showing disk utilization by group and throng from January, 1995, through the end of last month.

The following graphs are no longer updated as of September 1, 2008. They show cpu utilization by group and throng and by platform from September, 1993, through August, 2008.

Disk Utilization

Plain text and graphic reports showing: month-to-date and monthly average disk holdings by group and by throng , weekly "snapshots" of disk holdings by physical location, the last 30 days' i/o statistics for file servers and backup status of AFS volumes

Network Appliance (Toaster) Utilization

Plain text reports and PostScript® graphs showing disk allocation and utilization by server, filesystem and plots of sysstat reports for each toaster.

Archived Reports

Prior to adopting unix as its platform of choice, SCCS tracked usage and performance of its VM/CMS system. Data for graphs showing historical utilization of VM/CMS at SLAC was updated monthly by a VM/CMS service host, after which the graphs were produced in unix.

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