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26 Jan 1998

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This page is under development. It is intended for primarily for SCS technical staff.

Problems, Outages, System/Network Upgrades

* Probtrak
View the last 40 Probtrak entries or search the Probtrak database.
* Startrak
Search SCS's new Oracle database for user-requested and SCS-initiated services. (under development)
* H.O.T. Plates
View Happening Out There (H.O.T.) plates of scheduled outages and identified system problems that are being addressed. Updated daily. [Needs modern URL]
* slac.computing.outages
Lists outages scheduled 24 hours in advanced. You may also subscribe to computing outage notices by mail. Send mail to with the following line as the only line in the body of the message: subscribe comp-out [email-address]. If the impact is too severe, contact the person whose userid is given in the outage announcement.
* Change Log
Logs incidents and system changes.
* how-to-fix (UNIX)* or how-to-fix (NT)*
Gives instructions and hints for how to resolve problems with UNIX and Networking services such as print, mail, and more.

Subgroup Information

* Systems+
Contains UNIX system administration information and links for members of the SCS Systems group.
* Business Information*
(functional software, reports, etc)
* Networking
staff tools (functional software, reports, etc)
* Help Desk

* Access to this link is restricted to authenticated users in AFS group g-scs.
N.B.: To succeed in using the Windows NT link, you must have the TransARC AFS client in standard configuration (/afs/ mounted on drive S:).
+ Access to this link is restricted to users on SLAC computers.

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