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SLAC Wiring Proposal


Today adds/moves/changes cost about $400 on average

Per year we do about 600 adds/moves/changes per year or about $130K for these 4 buildings, or payback 2.5 to 5 years.

Reduce time user has to wait for an install, this is a constant user concern (see SLUO minutes for example)

Improved scheduling of outages since only affects one workstation as opposed to several on today's shared media:

Much improved trouble-shooting and isolation, with reduced scope of problem, faster isolation, better diagnostic tools - reduces expert time and expertise needed, and increases user productivity

Enable management of increased net size without increased staff

Remove increasing needs to run new cables to an office in order to support a different workgroup with different security, access requirements, and to manage bandwidth requirements

SLAC Wiring Proposal - 02 DEC 94
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