Last Update: Sept 13, 2000

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This facility is not to be used for reporting computing problems. Doing so will only delay action on your problem. Please report all trouble calls to the SCS help desk at 926-HELP and the appropriate staff will be paged.

To send an alpha-numeric page, enter the recipients Unix username (or SLAC emailid), your Unix username (or SLAC emailid) and your message in the boxes below. Email will be sent to you confirming that the page was sent. If you do not know a persons Unix username (or SLAC emailid) you can use the search page to find it. If you would like to have your pager added to the TelAlert facility, use the TelAlert Request Form.


Message: (n.b.: messages over 256 characters long will be split into multiple pages.)

WARNING: Unauthorized use of this facility is prohibited. Violators are subject to criminal and civil penalties. All activities may be monitored and recorded and these records provided to law enforcement officials; by using this system you expressly consent to such monitoring.

All pages sent through TelAlert are logged and should not be considered private.

Author: Charles Granieri