E155 Tape Writing Monitor

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E155 raw data are logged initially to disk in the DAQ pool in the Staging System. This Staging System is distinct from the usual one you use when you stagein a silo tape. It runs on esawf1, and has its own local disks, with a capacity of ~27 MB currently.

When we finish writing a file, it is transferred to tape. The disk space then becomes available for subsequent data files. We monitor the status of this chain by taking a snapshot approximately every 15 minutes. The last snapshot is kept for those who are terminally idle and curious. Others probably would be satisfied with the following summary plots. Each item is plotted for several different time periods.

This monitoring was started very early (October 1996) to make sure it is well tested by the time we really take data.

Space in DAQ staging pool (pool removed in June 1997)
Tape drive usage
SCS monitors the entire Unix production network on a regular basis. Many resource usage plots are available.
Charlie Young