Display Proxy for esaw01 and esaw02

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Set up the display privileges on your display server, so it will accept displays directed to it. You also need to redirect the display on the client side. The instructions are different for Vax and Unix based machines.

Log into some other SLAC computer, e.g. morgan01 using your personal account. Then type mxconns -hunt -verbose & , and note the output to your screen. It will say something like morgan01:2. A new window will also appear with that as its title.

Then telnet from morgan01 to esaw01 or esaw02, and log in using the group account. Re-direct displays by typing setenv DISPLAY morgan01:2. Note that

All future display windows, such as the histogram window in Paw, the XWANAL window or an Emacs window, will be sent to your terminal via the X-display proxy morgan01:2. Before each window comes up, you will be asked if you want to accept the display. Click Accept, and the window will appear.

A single mxconns command on morgan01 is sufficient for all your telnet seesions on esaw01 and esaw02. Each of these telnet sessions must issue its own setenv DISPLAY morgan01:2 command. For example, you may have two sessions, one running XWANAL for text displays and one running Paw to look at histograms.

Charlie Young