E155 Online Monitoring

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Date          Name        
27-Jan-1997   C.Young     add Florent's stuff
11-Dec-1996   C.Young     clone from E154

Online Monitoring and Analysis

There are three IBM RS-6000 computers in CHA, esaw01, esaw02, and and esaw03, devoted exclusively to online analysis. You should use the group account beamtest. Having a group account raises certain security issues that you ought to be aware of. It becomes necessary to use a display proxy to redirect displays to locations outside of the SLAC domain.

The online analysis program is identical to the offline analysis program. For normal day-to-day operation, you should be using the standard group executable $E155BIN/opt.exe or $E155BIN/debug.exe. See the manual for details. If you need to make a customized version for special applications, please consult the writeup Using the E155 analysis code .

The histograms as well as the text displays generated by the online monitor can be viewed from just about anywhere provided display privileges are set appropriately, e.g. SLAC machine operators access our histograms at MCC. If you are connecting from a node off site, you need to invoke a display proxy to send the displays to your window.

The single event display was written by Robert Welsh. The current writeup is exactly the same as the E154 version.

Charlie Young