E155 Batch Jobs

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SLAC uses the Load Sharing Facility (LSF) to schedule and control batch jobs. There is an LSF User's Guide provided by the vendor Platform Computing with details on all the commands. Or use the man pages on bsub and bjobs. The SLAC High Performance Computing web page has more SLAC specific writeups.

  • Line Mode

    The bsub command is used to submit jobs. Say man bsub for details. Some simple examples are:

    The last example is one you will most definitely regret ever trying, and is provided to remind you that careless use of the batch system can as devastating as interactive mistakes.

    Submitted jobs can be monitored with the bjobs command.

  • GUI

    Start up the GUI by typing xlsbatch &. From the job menu, select submit and then fill in the blanks. Many of the entries have reasonable defaults. Job status is updated periodically in the GUI.

    Charlie Young