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Create a New Project with E-155 Analysis Program

The detailed instructions provided by Mourad Daoudi for E143 and E154 have been updated for E155. The following is a summary.
  • Create a directory (let's take the name test as an example) and go there :

    mkdir test
    cd test

  • Put or create all the new fortran subroutines and include files you need.

  • Create an option file which defines the subroutines you want to compile and
    link whith the online program. For Example let's call it test.opt.

    Test.opt contains different optional parameters :

    Alternate name (and directory) for the executable
    Compilation options for the xlf90 Fortran compiler
    Linking options for xlf90
    Optimization flag for compiling and linking of code
    Private source code (fortran or c) to compile and link
    Private object files to be linked only
    Private libraries
    Alternate directory for source (.f) files
    Redefine directory where INCLUDE files are to be found
    Note: The object files specified in the option MYOBJS will be linked only, without looking
    at any dependency.
    The source files specified in MYCODE will be probed to know if they need to be recompiled (changes, new include file ...).

    Example :

    MYCODE='sub1.f sub2.f sub3.f'

    You can put as much subroutines you want, just separate them by a blank and end with a quote.

    Note: The parameters in the option file are case sensitive. The option MYCODE is the only one
    which is mandatory.
    Include files are probed first in the current directory. If not there they will be probed from

  • Compiling the program :

    type : e155mak debug test.opt to get a debug version of the program
    type : e155mak test.opt to get an optimized version.

  • e155ola.exe is then created

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