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Florent Staley

Jan, 26 1997


Each time "spec" is used, it should be replaced by the spectrometer number (2, 5, 10)

   trk_angle spec (track angles in the spectrometer reported at target position).

trk_angle 2

   trk_certres spec (Cerenkov timing residual in tracking).

trk_certres 2

   trk_chisq spec (track fitting (chi) square).

trk_chisq 2

   trk_eoverp spec (Energy/Momentum. E is the cluster energy an P is the momentum of the track).

trk_eoverp 2

   trk_hodtres spec (hodoscope timing residual in tracking).

trk_hodtres 2

   trk_momentum spec (track momentum).

trk_momentum 2

   trk_numhit spec (number of hits per track).

trk_numhit 2

   trk_numtrk spec (number of tracks per spill).

trk_numtrk 2

   trk_shwtres spec (cluster timing residual for the tracking).

trk_shwtres 2

   trk_xtgt spec (reconstructed x at target position).

trk_xtgt 2

{Florent Staley}