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Florent Staley

Jan, 26 1997

Shower counter

In all the following kumacs when spec is used as argument, it should be replaced by the spectrometer you want to study (2, 5 or 10)

    shw_hits spec (Gives the number of hits per block)

shw_hits 2

shw_hits 2

   shw_tdchits spect level (number of tdc hits per tdc level), level =1 or 2

shw_tdchits 2

   shw_espectrum spec (electron and pion spectra as identified by the neural network)

shw_espectrum 2

  shw_leoverte spec (ratio of leading hits over trailing edge hits per block)

  shw_blocksperclust spec (number of blocks per cluster)

hw_blocksperspill 2

   shw_clustperspill spec (number of clusters per spill)

shw_clustperspill 2

{Florent Staley}