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Florent Staley

Jan, 26 1997


Each time "spec" is used as argument, it should be replaced by the proper spectrometer value (2, 5 or 10)

   hod_numhit spec (number of hits per plane)

hod_numhit 2

   hod_numfinger spec (number of hit fingers per spill for all planes)

hod_numfinger 2

   hod_efftrk spec (finger efficiency to have a hit used by a track)

hod_efftrk 2

   hod_effhit spec (finger efficiency to register a hit at any time given that a track has gone through that finger)

hod_effhit 2

   hod_multi spec (time difference between hits on a finger)

hod_multi 2

   hod_time spec (time distribution for all planes)

hod_time 2

   hod_profile spec (profile of hits for all the planes)

hod_profile 2

   hod_plane spec plane (displays all the histograms previously described for a given plane)

hod_plane 2 10

{Florent Staley}