FAQ for SLAC LAN Subnets

Given a Subnet How do I find a VLAN?

The subnets and VLANs are synchronized so knowing one you know the other.

Given a building and tap how do I find the subnet?

I'm not saying the next step is easy, however it is possible. If you look in SLAC LAN Subnets you will find the Subnet names & addresses, # nodes, default router, mask and a description of the Subnet. But what you may want is that you know the building and the switch tap and want to know all about it. Then at the top of the above page click on Switch to Buildings. It takes you to a table of switch information in particular the building/Location for the switch. So now you know the switches in a building.
Now you know the switch, so go back to SLAC LAN Subnets. Then at the top click on Taps(Port_name) and search through the Port_name column for the Tap you want on the switch in the building you want. Bear in mind the Tap (Port_name) information is kept manually and so may be incorrect or incomplete. Hopefully if we use this information regularly, make it easy to use, and people report errors it can be improved.

How do i find what Routers/Switches are in a given Building?

All Router/switches are Ciscos and have an OPSYS of CISCO included in the name. So click on the CANDO System Query and from the form slecet the Building number (e.g. 050), enter CISCO% (n.b. it is case insensitive) in the OpSys field and press Search.