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Example of Nested Code

void Function1(){ //begin function body
 //code for Function1 indented one level
 double time;  //time on stack
 statement one;
 statement two;

 if (condition) {//begin if body
   //code for if statement indented two levels
   bool test;  //test on stack
   then execute this code;
   while (condition){ //begin while body
     //code for while statement indented three levels
     int x;  //x on stack
     and so forth;
   }//innermost closes first, end while body, x out of scope
   another statement; //part of if statement body 
   onemore statement;
 }//second innermost, end if body, test out of scope
 //more Function1 statements would go here

}//outermost last, Function1 body, time out of scope

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