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Publicly Available BABAR Notes

BABAR Note # Title Author Document
newest.gif (908 bytes)072 Studies of Energy Loss and Multiple Scattering for a B-Factory Silicon Detector A.Breakstone pdf
newest.gif (908 bytes)126 dE/dx Particle Identification with a Five-Layer Silicon Tracker B.Schumm pdf
195 Trackerr Studies for Optimization of Vertex Detector Resolution F.Forti pdf
295 Thermal Finite Element Analysis of the BABAR Silicon Vertex Tracker D.Barni et al. pdf
298 BABAR SVT Electronic Readout System Design Requirements J.DeWitt et al. pdf
299 BABAR SVT Electronic Readout Preliminary System Description J.DeWitt et al. pdf
302 Monitoring Requirements of the BABAR Silicon Vertex Tracker P.Burchat, D.Kirkby pdf
306 BABAR SVT Mechanical System Requirements V.Carassiti et al ps.Z
307 BABAR SVT Mechanical System Design, Assembly Procedures, and QC Description V.Carassiti et al. ps.Z
312 Specifications and Quality Control Procedures of Silicon Detectors for SVT G.Batignani, et al. pdf
323 Temperature Monitoring and Interlocks for the BABAR SVT Front-End Electronics D.Kirkby, P.Burchat pdf
348 Design of the BABAR Position Monitoring Systems for the SVT and Drift Chamber P.Burchat, D.Kirkby pdf
376 Specification of the BABAR SVT Fanouts G.Della Ricca et al. ps.Z
392 Design, Production, and Test of the BABAR SVT Fanouts G.Della Ricca et al. ps.Z
435 Pre-Production ATOM Chip Radiation Test E.Mandelli, A.Parazzo ps.Z
455 Design of a Radiation Monitoring Module for PIN-Diodes D.Kirkby, E.Nehrlich, C.Roat ps.Z
457 Computer Controlled Test Fixture for the Validation Tests of the BABAR-SVT Multichannel Floating Power Supplies A.Cotta Ramusino, et al. ps.Z
482 1997 Beam Test of the BABAR SVT Modules: Analysis of the Response of Defective Channels S.Dittongo ps.Z
497 Recommendation for Exclusive B Reconstruction Analysis Variables J.Smith, A.Soffer, R.Waldi ps.Z
501 User's Guide to the ATOM IC A.Parazzo, N.Roe ps.Z
513 The Tail of the Hybrid of the BABAR Silicon Vertex Tracker E.Brenna et al. pdf
518 The Data Transmission System for the BABAR Silicon Vertex Tracker J.Beringer et al. ps.Z

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