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Vxb and Vtx

A workshop on semileptonic and
radiative rare B decays

Wednesday-Friday, December 4-6, 2002


This workshop aims to bring theorists and BABAR experimentalists together for a reappraisal of the theoretical and experimental uncertainties and prospects related to semileptonic and radiative rare B decay measurements. A similar workshop was held in December 2001.

The intent is to have an informal meeting focussing on physics issues, primarily the interpretation of the measurements, linkage between b->u and b->s measurements, moments, lattice calculations, form factors, etc. Presentations by experimenters and theorists should be short (10 minutes, except for the overview talks on Wednesday), with lots of time for discussions.

Talks will be posted to the BaBar internal web. While theoretical talks will be publicly available, the experimental talks (with not-yet preliminary results) will be restricted to BABAR members only.


The workshop is scheduled for December 4-6, 2002 and will start on Wednesday afternoon with introductory overview talks by theorists.

The agenda with links to the presentations is available in two versions: public and BABAR internal.

Postscript versions of the agenda are available on two pages and on one page.


  • Registration is closed for this event.

Other Information:

  • When: December 4-6, 2002
  • Where: SLAC, Orange Room (the Wednesday talks will be in the Panofsky Auditorium)
  • Contact: Mark Convery, Urs Langenegger, Natalie Roe, Zoltan Ligeti
  • Accomodations: Hotels near SLAC from the SLAC page and the PIC page
  • Contributions: Participants are encouraged to provide:

    1. CD-ROM with .pdf or .ps or .ps.gz file or
    2. URL with .pdf or .ps or .ps.gz file or
    3. floppy disk with .pdf or .ps or .ps.gz file or
    4. just the transparencies and we'll scan them
  • Phone Conference: Wed,  14:00 - 17:00: Call 510-665-5437 passcode: 4483

PDF is the preferred format. A computer with projector as well as an overhead projector will be available during the workshop. So computer based presentations need not to be printed on transparencies.

An incomplete list of recent papers on semileptonic physics can be found on this page.

Last modified: Dec. 4, 2002