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How to become a BaBar Member or Associate

There are two categories of people connected to BaBar, Members and AssociatesMembers are individuals who participate in the physics program or who contribute significantly to the maintenance, operation or upgrade of the detector,  computing system, or PEP-II.  PhD physicists who have been Members for at least one year are listed as authors of BaBar papers. As a condition of membership, Members are required to perform service work as part of their contribution to the experiment.

BaBar Associates are generally not authors.  Typical examples are undergraduates, graduate students not concentrating on research, engineers, technicians, and programmers.

See the Membership Rules for more details.

Changing from Associate to Member

If you are a currently a BaBar Associate and wish to become a Member, you will need to sign up for a service task by contacting the Physics Analysis Coordinator.

If you are new to BaBar

There are a number of steps involved in joining BaBar, including registering in the personnel database, studying safety material, and obtaining various computer accounts.
  1. Register with the SLAC User Information database and with the BABAR database.
  2. Follow these instructions to obtain access to computing resources.
  3. Review and complete the cyber training.
  4. Next time you are at SLAC, visit Nitssia Harrison for additional administrative items:
    • Complete ES&H Course # 396 - Safety Orientation for Non-SLAC Employees
    • Obtain a SLAC badge
    • Get keys
  5. If you are a BaBar Member (as opposed to an Associate), you will need to select a service task by contacting the Physics Analysis Coordinator.

Other useful information for new users

  • The SLUO office provides services and information for SLAC Users including items such as housing, insurance, and transportation.
  • The Offline Users Workbook (HyperNews password required) has an introduction to BaBar computing and the BaBar environment.
  • You can get more information about the BaBar web.

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