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DCH Shift Takers

Last Modified: 5-May-1999 M. Morii

[Shift Organization] [Shift Calendar]

Available for DCH shifts
Not available

NB: All DCH collaborators who are not listed below are assumed to be always available.

GroupNameAvailability (Comment)
Annecy Vincent Tisserand6/15-6/24, prefers swing/owl weekend
Colorado Jean Roy< a week at a time. Veto: 7/1-18
Jim SmithAfter 7/23
Alan MichaelNo (leaving BaBar)
Bill FordNo (shift leader on 6/1-6/9)
Colo. State Walter TokiEnd of June onward
John HartonVeto: July 6-31
Maryland Carlo DallapiccolaVeto: 5/8-18, 6/21-7/6, prefer around his DQM shifts 7/21-28
Hassan Jewahery6/20-30
Amir FarbinAt SLAC 6/6-6/26, 7/5-7/18, DQM shifts 6/9-6/16
MIT Ben BrauVeto: 6/5-6/6, 6/11-6/14(owl), 6/28-7/2
Ray CowanVeto: 7/7-16, 8/9-14, no owl
Montreal Jean-Francois ArguinUntil 8/8, Veto: 6/11-18, 7/7-16
Simon SabikUntil 8/8, Veto: 7/7-16
Jean-Yves NiefUntil 8/8, Veto: 6/21-25
Budker Andrey YushkovUntil 7/19
Padova Federico Colecchia8/4 to 8/26 approx.
Fulvio GaleazziApril, June
Guido Michelon4/20-5/30, 7/7-8/10, Veto: 7/7-18
Princeton Justin Albert(PEP-II liaison) Veto: 5/7-9, 5/11-17, 6/11-13, 7/12-15, 8/6-8, 8/27-29
Mike KelseyVeto: 6/11-6/13, 8/8-15
Valery MiftakovAlways
Alex TumanovNo (DAQ expert)
Erich VarnesNo (DAQ expert)
Roma Daniele del Re5/1-7/1
Sandra Mazzoni4/25-5/25
Silvio Morganti5/1-6/1
Cecilia Voena4/25-6/20
San Diego David MacFarlane(Shift leader) Yes
Gerhard RavenIn emergency (Prompt Reco)
Fergus Wilson(Shift leader) Yes until end of June
Riccardo FacciniVeto: 6/28-7/2
SLAC Adam BoyarskiVeto: 6/27-7/12
Vera Luth(Shift leader) Veto: 4/20-30, 6/14-25
Masahiro MoriiFill in when needed
Aaron Roodman(PEP-II liaison) Veto: July, 8/1, 8/9-19
Thomas Schietinger(PEP-II liaison) Veto: 5/28-30, 6/9-13, 6/28-7/1, 7/7-7/16, 8/6-8/26
Gabriella Sciolla(DAQ expert) Veto: 7/16-19, 8/9-14
Steve WagnerVeto: 6/4-14, 6/23-30, no solid weeks
Stanford Aron SohaVeto: 4/30-5/3, 6/19, 6/23-7/4, 7/7-16
Amanda Weinstein(DAQ expert) Veto: 3/27-4/6
UBC Kenji AbeVeto: 10 days in mid July
Chris HeartyNo (Shift leader)
Janis McKenna7/12-28, day only for 7/18-22
Douglas ThiessenVeto: 7/1-16, 8/1-8/13, Wednesday evenings
Victoria Chris BrownJuly except for 7/7-16
Bob Kowalewski6/8-16, after 8/10

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